AESA Cortaillod

Success Stories

As the reference in cable metrology of electrical parameters, AESA is proud to share some of its successes.

AESA installs its 100th ResTest at COFICAB

The ResTest family ensures high-quality cable resistance measurement.

With over 100 ResTest units in use, COFICAB demonstrates its commitment to customer demands through a long-term partnership with AESA, a leader in cable metrology.

Jean-Luc Allemann, Vice-President of AESA, said, “AESA is honored to support COFICAB, a global leader in automotive cables, with cost-effective testing equipment. We’re dedicated to a long-term relationship.”

COFICAB’s Purchasing Director added, “AESA’s reliable equipment and service make them a key supplier. Our focus on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint requires efficient testing.”

AESA supports COFICAB, a major innovator in automotive cable technologies.

Optimising Aluminium Cable Manufacturing in China with the ResTest 8135

We already have a substantial fleet of on-the-line ResTests installed in China. But this time we are upbeat about installing the ResTest 8135 for the first time in China!

Jiangsu Jinwei Cable, one of the leading cable manufacturers of energy cables in China, is perfectly aware that it will considerably decrease its aluminium consumption, thanks to the instrument.

With the 8135, our flagship, the linear resistance of bigger dimensions of aluminium cables can be measured, and of course always with the usual high accuracy.

We are convinced that the AESA ResTest 8135 will follow the success in China of the ResTest 8134, its smaller sister.