AESA Cortaillod

Power Transmission and Renewables

Precise Measurement for Efficient Energy Transmission

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Use AESA on-the-line equipment to measure linear electrical resistance and reduce your raw material usage.

Precise measurement is essential for designing efficient and reliable power cables. This also counts for submarine power cables that transmit energy from offshore renewable farms to onshore stations. Such power cables must operate flawlessly for extended periods, often without maintenance. 

Whether you’re dealing with high-voltage or middle-voltage transmission lines, understanding linear resistance ensures optimal performance. 

Increasing Conductor Cross-Sections

DC vs. AC Linear Resistance:

Measurement Methods:

Challenges in AC Measurement:

While similarities exist with DC linear resistance measurements (such as achieving steady current distribution), specific considerations are necessary for accurate AC measurement: 

In summary, measuring the DC and AC linear resistance of conductors is crucial for qualifying large cross-section conductors and optimising power transmission efficiency.