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In communication cables, certification is achieved through a series of tests in accordance with main international standards from organisations like TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association), IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) or YD/T (Chinese communication industry standards). Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs) must be used to perform these numerous tests that not only provide “Pass” or “Fail” information but also the complete cable characterisation.

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AESA's range of ATEs cover the performance tests according to procedures defined in the respective standards. With its low and high frequency as well as high voltage modules, these can be customised depending on the specifications or requirements of the final user. From the Lynx system - for intermediate test - to the balunless Cobalt - for Cat8 and higher frequencies – via the Gaia for dielectric strength, AESA provides a complete set of solutions for all type of cables such as LAN or coaxial cables, as well as for patch cords with connectors. AESA also supplies portable devices (continuity testers, fault locators etc.) which are easy to move to the location of the drums for quick tests.

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