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Certification Bodies

Measuring at the Highest Standard

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A certification body acts as the independent third party that handling the certification process. It provides:

  • Assessments (audits): These conclude with formal reports detailing the outcome of the assessment and any gaps between the organisation’s current operations and the standard requirements.
  • Certification: As a proof of successful completion of the assessment(s); the certification body issues for example the formal ISO certification. 

Importance of Accreditation:
ISO and other standards themself do not certify or issue certificates; they provides valuable guidance. Certification bodies ensure competence and impartiality and are accredited themselves. 

As the reference in cable metrology for electrical parameters, AESA has a large globally established base of measurement instruments at certification bodies. The equipment is used daily by multiple Bureaus of Standards and Certification Bodies. Our global service organisation maintains this established base at the highest possible level with regular calibrations and maintenance. 

Measurement instruments that are in regular use by certification bodies can be selected below.