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Pict C 240403 Employee of the year award
Fabrice Pfefferli, Electronic and SW Engineer at AESA

has been awarded the IWMA Young Employee of the Year Award!

AESA is proud of Fabrice winning the IWMA Young Employee of the Year Award.
Fabrice is a standout member of AESA’s R&D department in the field of electronic and software development and engineering.
Fabrice spearheaded the development of METIS, a groundbreaking scientific piece if software for data cables, now globally integrated into AESA’s measuring instruments.

Fabrice’s impacts further than cable metrology only and extends to signal analysis of Scattering Parameters for category cables, the mentoring of Bachelor students, and contributing to a government sponsored project alongside a university to develop the next generation of VNAs for high data cables.
Our congratulations to Fabrice.