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Meet us at the WIRE Düsseldorf

From April 15th till 19th, 2024
Booth 10A38

Official Launch of the AESA Testing Laboratory

Wednesday 17th of April at 10h30

Multiple devices will be on display such as

  • The Scorpius DT coaxial cable measurement system together with our new Coaxial Universal connector and EMC measurement capabilities
  • The Cobalt DT “Balunless” test device for LAN Data cables up to Cat8
  • The ResTest 55 integrated linear resistance laboratory system for measuring small conductors and multicore cables
  • The ResTest 8134 for measuring conductors up to 2000 mm2 directly on the production line
  • AESA’s CIQ Quality Data Management system supporting Quality 4.0 deployments with Quality data acquisition, evaluation and continuous production monitoring