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Tools and concepts

In addition to the checks performed in production, it is crucial to conduct laboratory tests, for example for new product validation. Although the product development and maintenance functions are not directly involved in the manufacturing flow, these departments play a key role in ensuring product quality.

The CIQ offers specific additional modules to effectively carry out the tasks related to product development and maintenance.


  • DRES: Defect Recording and Evaluating
    System to record and evaluate defects that are detected during and after the production process.
  • TYPLAB: Type Validation and Specific Laboratory tests 
    Test to perform and administrate laboratory tests.
  • MEC: Mechanical Cycling Test
    to perform and monitor performances during long-term tests (e. g. bending tests, drag chain tests)
  • DMS: Distributed Monitoring System
    to acquire, display and store measurements in different locations (e. g. heating cabinets)

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