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Production Monitoring

Continuously capturing the process data directly on the production, monitoring the process and identifying the trends in real-time allows you to drive the process cost-effectively. Early warning systems, based on reliable and complete information, let you prevent defects before they occur. The SoftDLC is the CIQ module dedicated to process data acquisition.

Through on-line capture and display of the process data, trends can be recognized at an early stage in the production process allowing you to proactively intervene and take any necessary corrective and preventive actions.

As a result, you can be sure that only completely flawless material leaves your factory.

Key features

  • Online monitoring, remote view and alarms, also from your office.
  • Continuous capture of data, parameters and events related to the process.
  • Data recording based on time and cable length.
  • Improvement-targeting based on information from statistical process control (SPC)
  • Clear instructions to the work-floor concerning machine set-up & ERP information
  • Possibility to provide work-floor with machine set-up and any downloadable EDP infornation 

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