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Samples : ResTest Family

To be reliable, measurement of the linear resistance of samples requires perfect mastery of important parameters such as temperature, length, input current, etc. This is why this measurement is generally performed in the laboratory.

The ResTest offers the unique combination of ultra-high precision measuring with extreme simplicity of operation. All critical components are integrated (temperature sensor, calibrated measuring ruler, specific jaws for all cable types etc.) allowing you to manage measuring uncertainties. The displayed values can be used directly (all relevant corrections are already made), printed (label or report) and exported (LAN).

Key Benefits of the ResTest equipment

  • High and complete accuracy, based on measurements of all equipment parts, not only the micro- ohmmeter
  • Simple to use, both in production and in the laboratory
  • Minimal risk of human error
  • Optimal traceability thanks to the storage of each measurement and related conditions
  • Standardized 1 m measurement


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