to boost your yield

ResTest 8135

Take the opportunity to make significant savings in raw material quantities thanks to the unique direct-on-the-line measuring equipment – no other instrument available on the market today can offer such advantages! 

Conducting measurements fast during manufacturing, ensuring optimal result accuracy, combining  facilitated data interpretation and simplicity of installation, the ResTest 813X family is the perfect partner to overcome major challenges facing cable manufacturers.

General Description

The ResTest 8135 has been especially designed to measure large cross-sections of aluminium cables. 

The hydraulic clamping system allows high pressure to be applied on the cable, thus ensuring optimal contact between the cable wires. 

A full range of jaws is available to fit all types of cables. For aluminium, AESA has developed specific voltage rings to optimize repeatability.

Also well-suited for laboratory-scale applications thanks to its innovative tensioning system. 

Main technical characteristics

  • Copper: 2.5 – 2000 mm²
  • Aluminium: 2.5 – 1200 mm²
  • 1 m measurement according to standard recommendations
  • Additional accessories available to fit all cable types and shapes (round, solid or stranded, sector- preformed or straight, etc.)

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