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Conductivity / Resistivity measurement

Stop with the approximations of the tables and make your own accurate measurement



Conductivity, Resistivity and linear resistance are intrinsically linked. It is of prime importance to know the conductivity/resistivity with high precision when producing cables. This measurement is the first step of cable production monitoring, but maybe the most critical. 



General description

AESA developed an exclusive automatic solution to measure these both values of class 1 conductors with a combination of ultra-high precision measurement and great simplicity of operation. Based on a simple method, the resistivity is calculated through the true measurement of physical parameters. The measurement consists of three different phases: resistance, length, and volume measurements, and values automatically collected by the ResTest system.

It results into the improvement of the final cable quality and in the performance of an accurate Acceptance Test of drawn wires as existing test equipment on the market solely provides an approximate value (by calculation) of this intrinsic physical parameter.

Main technical characteristics

  • Dedicated to Class 1 conductors
  • Dimensions (diameter): 8-25 mm (40 mm on request)
  • Global accuracy:  < ±0.2 %

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