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Test system for Reduction Factor

Electromagnetic shielding measurement of signalling copper cables.

General Description

A telecom copper cable placed in the vicinity of a power line will suffer electromagnetic perturbation. This will be especially important in the case of monophase lines (railways traction system) as compared to three phase lines (power lines). Signal perturbation, which causes reduction in the signal/noise ratio, could lead to accidents such as aspect change of railway signals. This is why it is essential to measure the screening effect of the cable armoring, represented by the Reduction Factor rk.

The test equipment for the reduction factor complies with the standards while allowing for a variable distance between the loop conductor and the cable under test.

Main technical characteristics

Fast and compliant

  • Fast measurement to avoid a heating up of the sheath
  • Performs all electrical tests on cables responding to DIN 57 472 part 507 (VDE 0472 part 507), IEC 62153-4-17:2018 and NF F 07-024 (option)


  • Only automatic and complete solution available on the market


  • Controlled by our CIQ software for full traceability
  • Can be interconnected with MES or ERP systems

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