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Measurement of EMC Parameters

Measuring the Transfer Impedance (TI), Screening Attenuation (AS) and Coupling Attenuation (AC) of cables by using the triaxial method.

General Description

Due to increasing electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds, along with higher requirements and new applications, the investigation of the electromagnetic behaviour of electric and electronic equipment becomes more and more important. This is highly valid for cables with respect to their electromagnetic performance and screening behaviour.

Even if different test methods exist, the triaxial test method is the favoured one in the cable industry. Both, coaxial and balanced cables can be measured with this method. The frequency range is from 30 kHz to 3 GHz or above depending on the setup and the parameters.

The EMC measurements require perfect skills in the RF domain, due to the fact that the precision of the results depends heavily on the care given to cable preparation and test fixture connection.

Main technical characteristics

  • Insensitive against electromagnetic disturbances from outside
  • No radiation of electromagnetic signals to the environment
  • High dynamic range > 125 dB
  • High reproducibility
  • Fast preparation of cable samples
  • Compatible with AESA test equipment means:
  • - Can be used as an option for any HF AESA testing equipment (including PC and VNA)
  • - Consolidated test reports, calibration management, data storage, … and more (see OptiTest)

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