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Fault locator : 3432

Fault locator 3432

Fault location without cable destruction allows you to save substantial quantities of raw material.

The 3432 is your perfect partner for the direct localization of contacts and broken wires on different materials (thermocouples, coaxial cables).

General Description

The fault locator 3432 is portable equipment which allows you to detect the resistive (short-cut wires) or capacitive (broken wires) defaults on telecom, coaxial, signalling and LV cables up to 10mm2.

Based on the measuring principle of the comparative method of the resistance or capacity, this unique instrument makes it possible to locate high resistance faults up to 1 M ohm.

Main technical characteristics

  • Direct display of the fault position (LCD screen)
  • Good accuracy of up to 1 MOhm resistor fault
  • Portable device
  • Battery powered or 220V

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