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Converting Mohm : 3921

Megohmmeter 3921

Measuring the insulation resistance of a cable often requires simple, robust and portable equipment.

The Megohmmeter 3921 has been specially designed to measure the insulation resistance for telecommunication, signalling, coaxial, LV and MV cables. 

General Description

The Megohmmeter 3921 has been especially designed to take into consideration cable length during the test session. This provides a direct reading in Mohm x km on a large display mounted on a mobile support.

In the 1000m position, the 3921 unit is used as a conventional Megohmmeter. The output voltage is fixed at 500V DC.

The stability of the displayed value is ensured thanks to the triaxial cable which acts as a guard ring up to the connection of the cable to be tested. At the end of the test session, the cable is automatically discharged.

Main technical characteristics

  • Stabilized displayed value in Mohm x km
  • Portable device for laboratory and outdoor work
  • Direct reading of the fault location in meters
  • Automatic discharge at the end of the test session
  • High precision
  • Battery powered or 220V
  • Simple operation

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