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Continuity tester: 9816

Continuity tester 9816 (batteries or RS232)

9816 is a small device allowing an easy and fast continuity check of an optical fibre.

General Description

9816 is a small device designed to check very quickly and easily the continuity of optical fibres. The fibres to be controlled are connected to the linetester by using a dedicated micro-chuck. 

Thanks to te OTDR laser source, the attenuation and the fibre continuity can be checked simultaneously, so only one laser source is required.

This smart portable apparatus can be used either with a battery power supply or a RS232 connection, depending on the chosen version.

Main technical characteristics

  • OTDR laser source (60 mW)
  • Visual continuity signal (LED)
  • Battery powered or 220V
  • Operating ranges:
Pulse width  Lmax (km)
10 ns 2
30 ns 15
100 ns 25
275 ns 35
1 µs 45
2.5 µs 60
4 µs 70
10 µs 80

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