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Unbalance attenuation: TCL

Unbalance attenuation measurements

Manual test setup to measure TCL, TCTL and ELTCTL

General Description

Transverse Conversion Loss (TCL) is the ratio (in dB) of a common-mode returned voltage measured on a wire pair relative to a differential-mode voltage applied to the same end of the pair. The TCL value shows how well the impedance of the pair's conductors is balanced.

This parameter and its derivatives, also called Unbalanced Attenuation measurements, are required by all major standardisation bodies like ANSI/TIA, IEC or YD/T. AESA provides corresponding test fixtures for 4 or 25 pairs.

Main technical characteristics

  • Semi-automatic measurements
  • Used with 50 Ohms ports of AESA ATE's or with an additional VNA
  • Simple and easy software-guided calibration and measurement procedures
  • Cost effective solution for sporadic measurements of unbalanced attenuation

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