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SPE (Single Pair Ethernet) : Castor

Castor system - Automatic high frequency balunless measuring system for SPE cables

By conducting measurements on individual wires based on balunless technology and not just on pairs, Castor 1 DT allows measurement of a particularly wide range of parameters that cannot generally be tested by conventional methods. This fully integrated equipment is a valuable tool also to assist you in cable development. Equally important, final cable testing is rendered simpler and more reliable as it is fully automated, thus eliminating the need for the operator to conduct very cumbersome tasks with the associated risks of handling errors.

General Description

Single Pair Ethernet is the new standard for intelligent network communication. It represents the extremely high-performance parallel transmission of data and power, via Ethernet, over a single pair of wires, using Power over Data Line (PoDL). This new network technology enables continuous IP communication and power, even in complex industrial applications or IoT solutions. The Castor test equipment offers you an efficient and easy way to characterize it.

Main technical characteristics

  • Integrated solution with 1 pair connection
  • Embedded VNA and integrated computer
  • Performs all electric tests on cables responding to major standards
  • Very broad frequency range
  • No balun = full dB dynamic of the VNA is available for the measurement
  • Able to measure very short cables
  • Individual values (per wires
  • EMC parameters (option)

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