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Coaxial : Scorpius

Scorpius Automatic coaxial cable testers

Let’s connect and test automatically Coaxial cables!

General Description

Scorpius automatic test equipment (ATE) is designed to measure high frequency parameters of Coaxial cables.

Our dedicated adapters connected to the 50 and 75 ohm interface let you quickly connect your different products while ensuring perfect contact of both the core and the shield of your Coaxial cable.

We propose two different models: the standard one with external VNA and the DT version with integrated VNA and PC for a compact and cost efficient solution. Both are not only offering operating comfort, but also providing high measurement accuracy.

Main technical characteristics

  • Fast and reliable connection using our FastCon adapter
  • Frequency range up to 18GHz
  • Standard impedance of 50 and 75 Ohms
  • Performs all electrical tests on cables responding to:

    ·       ANSI/TIA-568.4-D for Broadband Coaxial Cabling and Component Standard

    ·       IEC 61196-x

    ·       EN 50117-x

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