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HV Generator : 2715

HV AC 2715 (2716)

Manual testing of dielectric strength performed on multi-core cables requires equipment which is both fully reliable and which ensures user safety.

These measurements are generally performed at the test platform stage on one or more coils.

The generator can supply a maximum power of 15KVA AC.

Throughout the test period, operator safety is ensured by an adequate protection protocol that is completely tailor-defined with the customer.

General Description

The HV generator 15KV / 5KV AC Type 2715/16 is a mobile device for testing the electric strength telecommunication, signal, LV and MV cables.

It can deliver a power up to 15KVA according to the voltage range selected.

The fault is indicated by the display of a leakage current. According to the cable type to be tested, the cable can be burnt at the faulty location. HV application is protected by a security system.

Main technical characteristics

  • Available power up to 15kVA
  • Adjustable test voltage through an autotransformer
  • Automatic discharge of the cable at the end of the test session
  • Large display of voltage and current
  • Timer for determining test duration
  • Combined safety devices
  • Very simple to use

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