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HV DC/AC + IR + LF : Gaia

Gaia automatic Tester

A single and versatile device allowing you to measure the dielectric strength, insulation resistance, low frequency parameters (RCKE) as well as high frequency parameters (attenuation, impedance, crosstalk) in a single run: the Gaia instrument is your ideal solution to characterize instrumentation and telecom cables.

General Description

Gaia is a versatile measuring instrument which combines automatic measurement of low frequency parameters (RCKE), high frequency parameters (attenuation, impedance, phase, crosstalk) @ 1kHz, testing of the dielectric strength and the measurement of insulation resistance on cables built with pairs or quads. This test is usually performed during  the final control.

Gaia is delivered with a connecting frame whose size can be adjusted to the specific needs of each customer, accommodating up to 104 pairs, i.e. 208 wires. All Gaia testers are equipped with active and passive safety systems ensuring optimal and safe utilisation when testing and measuring high voltage industrial cables.

Main technical characteristics

  • Continuity / short circuit test
  • High voltage test <= 6 KV DC or <= 5 KV/2A AC
  • Insulation resistance <= 200 GOhms
  • LF measurements ISO 17025
  • HF parameters @ 800 or 1kHz
  • Robust and versatile

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