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HV DC : 4735

HV DC 4735 10kV generator

Measuring dielectric strength requires simple, robust and portable equipment. The HV 4735 generator performs this test under adjustable voltage without destruction of the cable in the event of breakdown.

General Description

The HV DC 10KV generator 4735 is a portable device for testing the electric strength of telecommunication, signalling and LV cables.

The low current supplied (0,3mA) prevents the destruction of the cable in case of default.

The fault is indicated by the variable lighting of the lamp, flashing when the current leakage reaches 10microA

Main technical characteristics

  • Portable device for laboratory and outdoor works
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Adjustable voltage up to 10KV DC
  • Safety ensured thanks to an automatic cable discharge at the end of testing
  • Powered by battery or direct 220 V