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CAQ (Computer Aided Quality) The science of Computer Aided Quality (CAQ) is developing as a subject which will be as significant to product development (CAD -Computer Aided Design) and manufacturing (CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing).

Computer Aided Quality involves automation of manual procedures with quality applications which would be impossible without the use of a computer. The recorded data can not only ensure the conformity of the product but also analyse the long-term trends to enable quality professionals to develop strategies and process improvements.

Your situation: You want not only to ensure the product specifications, but also to improve your processes by optimizing your production and tests.

Our solution: CIQ includes and even go beyond the functions of a CAQ

Your benefits: You get an adapted “CAQ” that fulfil the specific requirements of the cable industry.

 Key features

  • Quality Data Module (QDM) for product inspection
    (test plan, test order, test processing, data acquisition, documentation, evaluation, archiving, import & export)
  • Data Logger Control (SoftDLC) for process monitoring
    (online data acquisition, improvements with SPC, remote monitoring and viewer, alarms)
  • Adds-on for specific tests or analyses
    (Defect management, Type validation, lab specific tests, mechanical cycling test, heating cabinets,…)

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