to boost your yield

Innovation (+ specific needs)

The cable market is continuously evolving and new, increasingly stringent requirements are regularly introduced. At AESA Cortaillod, we take pride in our commitment to being not only a supplier, but also a trusted, technical partner who can help you prepare your future. Tell us your problem, and together we will find the solution. 

Your situation: Your aim is to automate your tests that require significant resources? You are searching for test equipment to measure new parameters? These are typical challenges that our customers face. 

Our solution: At AESA, we have unparalleled understanding of the performances of test equipment and their relation to electrical parameters. Our extensive experience and know-how, coupled with our practice of working in close partnership with our clients, allow us to rapidly design, adapt and implement innovative solutions to give you a competitive edge in terms of quality, efficiency and handling improvements.

Your benefits: a professional solution at a competitive price.

Key features

  • Anticipation of market requirements
  • Specific and complete solutions  

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