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Test Report and Certificates

QDM module can be utilised in the shop-floor as well as in the office. QDM accesses the centralised storage to issue labels and report, but also to consolidate evaluations. Results can be printed, stored in pdf, send by email or exported.

Your situation: You have multiple test locations with data related to the same product. You need to print a label in production, a consolidated report of the product or a document for your customer.

Our solution: QDM module manages all the data acquired through different test locations. It can provide raw data as well as different analysis and certificates.

Your benefits: An immediate access to the whole quality data and an easy way to issue documents accordingly.

Key features

  • Test reports and labels during the process
  • Test certificates and consolidated test report for your customer
  • Quality charts and graphical representation to enable improvements
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Product manufacturing cards
  • Individual cable overview

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