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Easy, efficient and cost-optimized registration and documentation of cable quality data – the central idea of the cooperation between AESA Cortaillod and iiM AG


AESA Cortaillod and iiM AG are leading companies, which are respectively developing optimal cable quality management solutions in cooperation with the cable industry. The AESA Cortaillod has been specialized in state-of-the art measuring systems, devices and quality-performance services. With its brand VisioCablePro®, the iiM AG team has been focusing on the development of high-precision devices to measure manufacturer-specific geometrical features of insulating skins and cable sheats. Now the cooperation enables cable manufacturers to simply integrate VisioCablePro® cable measurement devices with the convinient and comprehensive data management system CIQ 3.0 by AESA Cortaillod via a software interface, to ensure data networking, centralization and evaluation as well as 100% traceability.

The cooperation with AESA Cortaillod mainly relates to the cable measuring device VCPX5 and its corresponding measuring software VCPEasy. The main objective is to ensure standardized geometrical measurements for insulating jackets and cable sheathing in a few clear steps. The diversity of cable applications and related range of cable variations involve most individual measuring system requirements. For all these special requirements, the VisioCablePro® team managed to develop a complex solution package, which is remarkably easy and intuitive to use.

The open interfaces of the VCPEasy software and its connection to the AESA CIQ 3.0 allow for a smooth communication with further local measuring devices, such as resistant bridges, tensile testers, etc. The involvement of the VisioCablePro® measuring device into the data management system CIQ 3.0 resulted in a measuring unit, comfortably and easily to use by almost any machine operator. Any inspection plan can now be directly „uploaded“ to the measuring device. After the measurement of the cable sample, deviations from the tolerances are directly displayed and stored. Thus maximum traceability is given. The AESA data management system CIQ 3.0 allows for a comfortable and clear evaluation of all relevant measuring results.
By programming the interface between AESA CIQ 3.0 and VisioCablePro®, customers are now able to implement a central, fully functional and comprehensive operator self control. All relevant results are directly available and the operator can immediately react in case of tolerance deviations. Cable manufacturers therefore profit from optimal production process control and reduced planning and testing efforts.

About iiM AG

iiM AG measurement + engineering provides high quality and high performance products for Machine Vision. For over 20 years iiM AG has been developing and producing industrial measurement engineering for various industry fields such as the cable, wire and solar industry and also for the automotive industry. In order to guarantee a high standard of our processes as well as continuous improvement, we annually undergo an inspection of our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 and are certified by DEKRA Certification GmbH.

About AESA Cortaillod

AESA SA is the worldwide leading provider of cable testing equipment and quality data management system dedicated to the wire & cable industry. With 40 years of experience, AESA is supporting the accurate testing and monitoring of the performance of communication and energy cables and is managing precisely the quality data of production plants.

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