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Data Storage

QDM module stores all raw measurements making possible further analyses and traceability. Data, test plans and test orders can be archived within the system or on external storage media, such as CDs. CIQ is an open system, therefor enables data exchange with other systems and data bases, as well as export and import of data of most existing format.

Your situation: You have to ensure product traceability for your customer or for further process improvements. Keeping all raw measurements is almost impossible with the current products on the market (especially for HF measurements) due to the number of individual values.

Our solution: QDM module manages all the data acquired through different test locations. It can provide raw data as well as different analysis and certificates.

Your benefits: Keeping all the measurements available for reprinting reports or further process improvements.

Key features

  • Availability of all raw data at long term
  • Possibility of backward and forward traceability
  • Raw information for process improvements

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