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LAN (balunless) : Cobalt

Cobalt systems - Automatic high frequency balunless measuring system for LAN cables up to Cat 8

Do you need to measure LAN cables Cat 8 and higher including common mode tests?

Do you want to save raw materials by measuring shorter lengths?

Do you want to develop a new product and need to control the wire parameters?

Cobalt, the unique automatic balunless system on the market, is your perfect solution!

General Description

LAN cables are specified for increasingly broader frequency ranges. Conventional equipment cannot measure more than three frequency decades, and that is why the cable industry is seeking a substitution measuring method.

AESA is proud to introduce Cobalt, a new balunless automatic test device based on the modal decomposition mathematical algorithm.

Cobalt is a valuable tool to assist you in cable development. By conducting measurements on individual wires and not just on pairs, the Cobalt device allows measurement of a particularly wide range of parameters that cannot generally be tested by conventional methods.  

Equally importantly, final cable testing is rendered simpler and more reliable as it is fully automated, thus eliminating the need for the operator to conduct very tricky tasks with the associated risks of handling errors

Main technical characteristics

  • Very broad frequency range (>4GHz), for Cat 8 and higher
  • No balun = full dB dynamic of the VNA is available for the measurement
  • More than 140 parameters (including LCL automatic measurement)
  • Can also be used for very short cables
  • Individual values (per wire)
  • Performs all tests responding to
    Methods: ANSI/TIA-1183-1 and IEC 61156-1-2 Amd.1
    Cables: ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 series, IEC 61156 series and YD/T 1019-2013