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Industrial : SemaCare

The ideal solution to characterize industrial cables in one run, the AESA SemaCare device has been especially designed to accommodate constraints such as large diameter or rigid extremities.

Fast and easy to use, the SemaCare offers the added advantage of providing a concise test report summarizing all the results per parameter.

General Description

Industrial cables (instrumentation, control, signalling, automation,…) each have their own specificities.

The SemaCare device has been especially designed to be fully compatible with all such types of cables.

In addition to its use for conducting low frequency measurements based on the 4-point Kelvin method, the SemaCare device also offers the added benefit of letting you perform measurements at the very low end of the high frequency range, either by using the fixed points or sweeping methods.

The connecting frames are compact and mobile which allow the operator to easily come into close proximity with the coil extremities (rigid or short ends). Different trolleys or supports are available to meet special requirements

Main technical characteristics

  • Versatile and mobile device
  • LF Measurements ISO 17025
  • HF parameters measured up to 4 MHz
  • Movable connecting frame to easily connect short or rigid extremities
  • Possibility to support large wire diameters (diameter up to 2.5mm)