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Quality Data Management

QDM module is dedicated to the acquisition and the treatment of data related to the inspection of the product specifications, on whatever equipment and at any location through the factory. Tests can be planned by creating test plans and test orders. Test reports, labels and certificates can be printed locally or in the office. QDM allows

Your situation: You want to simplify and optimize the inspection tests.

Our solution: QDM manages the inspection tests according to your test plan. It makes sure that all required tests are realised and provides the operator with the right information at the right time.

Your benefits: optimized and secured test sequences. No more expensive double tests or on the contrary missed tests.

Key features

  • Test plan & Test order creation.
  • Test processing and measurement data acquisition
  • Documentation (reports, labels, statistics,…
  • Data evaluation
  • Archiving, import and exportation

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